New Growth for 2018!

Spring has sprung, it’s a time of new beginnings, the daffodils are poking out of the ground, let’s look forward to new growth and sunny days ahead…..

Spring is the perfect time for this type of blog post, announcing a new start, but unfortunately this year the weather is staying stubbornly chilly!  Nevertheless, Vanessa and Helen are feeling sunny (most days!) so we’re going with it, poking our heads out like daffodils despite the arctic breeze!

Angela Playle Lolly Anne

We are very excited to announce that the Growing Families blog will be up and running again this year, and we have a number of topics and themes lined up for the coming months.  We already have some fantastic people who have agreed to write for us, and we would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to contribute to the themes below.  We may not be able to fit in everybody, but if you would like to have your thoughts, story or expertise included in any of these topics please do message our Facebook page:

April – perinatal mental health

May – special educational needs

June – surviving domestic abuse

July – supportive communities (we will be showcasing some of the amazing communities that exist to support families around the UK)

August – self-care; returning to the workplace

September – spotlight on roles (we will be looking at some of the roles held by individuals who work to support families, both voluntarily and professionally)

October – family life (including parenting techniques and relationships after children)

November – positivity for the winter months ahead

December – sharing, enjoying and surviving the festivities

 Carly Youngblood  Hayley Gaffey.jpg

In amongst all of these themes we will be including parent stories, individuals sharing their own experiences, tips and perspectives.

Please do keep checking back on our Facebook page to see what has been published, and also keep an eye out on Twitter as we will be waving our petals in that arena again very soon!

Sophie Barnett.jpg

In the meantime, wishing you all the very best for the coming months.

Helen & Vanessa

Growing Families 2018


With thanks to our friends and supporters for their photo contributions for this blog post – we wish we could have used all those provided!

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