Best Beginnings

We are proud to be an Oak sponsor for Growing Families: Facts, Fiction and Other Stuff.


Best Beginnings is a growing national charity working to reduce birth inequalities and give all children in the UK the best start in life. Regional, ethnic and socio-economic factors make child health and wellbeing a lottery – a baby born in Wolverhampton is 6 times more likely to die before the age of one than a baby born in Bath.  By supporting parents-to-be and parents we aim to reduce these health inequalities. To date, we have reached over 2 million families.

We focus on the period from conception to a child’s third birthday, as this is the critical window of opportunity for maximising a child’s physical, emotional, language and developmental needs. To achieve our aims, we develop engaging, evidence-based digital and other resources which are free to parents and professionals. Our most significant resource is the free, award-winning Baby Buddy smartphone app.

Our three overarching principles are:

  • Innovation: Developing new ways of reaching more families and maximising our impact, particularly for groups who suffer health inequalities.
  • Collaboration: Always working with parents, families, professionals, Royal Colleges, government departments, policy makers, other charities and organisations.
  • Evidence-based: putting the best scientific evidence into practice and evaluating our work.